Cat Craft

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Q: What does donating do?
A: Donating keeps cat-craft alive. We need money for the server, website and some of the RAM used on our server
Q: I donated, where is my prize?
A: Email [email protected] with your Minecraft username and PayPal username.
5.00 US Dollars VIP
10.00 US Dollars Gold

Donation Refunds:
You are not entitled to a refund. Please do not open a PayPal dispute stating something relevant to "I did not get what I paid for", because you didn't pay for anything. You just donated. You are not a customer. You just receive rewards as a thanks for donating. If you don't receive the rewards that you're supposed to get, you may kindly contact MelllowCream and he will assist you, and perhaps give you items for compensation of inconvenience.
In drastic cases, Cat-Craft reserves the right to revoke your donator privileges.